Basement conversion

Ecopropi basement extension – focusing on damp proof wall injection and spray foam insulation

Do you need more space in your home and the only solution is a basement extension? Most construction companies will be able to help you with such a project. But are you concerned that a basement conversion will only provide low-value (damp, cold, mouldy) area to your house? We have the know-how to turn your basement into a renovated, valuable addition to your existing space. Here is why you should choose us.

Basement extension –  Damp proof wall injection

If you need us to do a basement extension, we will damp proof the basement walls so that the inner wall surfaces will remain dry.

Applying damp proof injection on the underground basement walls.

The injection process is done from inside; the main steps are:

  • surface preparation, cleaning the wall from damp, friable bits
  • surface preparation, rendering
  • drilling holes (for injection)
  • injecting damp proof emulsion following the diagnostic engineer’s guidance
  • fixing inner wall surface
Basement extension – slab and wall spray foam insulation

Using spray foam insulation has numerous advantages compared to the traditional insulating technologies

  • fast, mechanised technology
  • 100% efficiency
  • homogenous material, no gaps, joints, cracks
  • can be applied in perfectly on odd-shaped walls as well
  • no cutting, no waste (compared to insulation boards)
  • environmentally friendly technology
  • depending on the foam used, it can act as a water-tight layer as well
  • drastically reduced human error factor (e.g. inaccurate measuring of boards)
  • perfect choice to complement floor heating
Basement extension – slab spray foam insulation complementing floor heating system
  • fast and easy installation
  • can be operated independently from the main heating system
  • improved comfort (warm floor, consistent temperature in the room)
  • the cured spray foam surface is the perfect underlay for the floor heating system (heating system can be installed directly on top of sprayed surface
  • maximum efficiency achieved for the floor heating (heat cannot escape through the cured foam towards the ground, it will be directed towards the room)

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