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Gardening example1: Building a new stone patio, landscaping and grassing - London SE9

Client imagined to improve the garden, making more family friend living space for children, new nice and safety BBQ place, separated space for plants, flowers.

Complete garden renovation:

  • Building a new, bigger stone patio
  • Building a decorative small retaining wall
  • New BBQ deck installation
  • Barking under the thuyas with a new small logrolls installation
  • Landscaping, soil improvement, turfing
  • New stone steps installation
  • Waterproof exterior electric sockets installation
Gardening example2: Landscaping and grassing - London E3

After house extension project, last step to finish garden

  • Finish turf level higher than pation level
  • Exterior timber step installation
  • Garden landscaping
  • Grassing
Gardening example3: Fence changing - London SE3

Customer bought a new home. After interior renovation turned to the finish line. Gardening, means changing old destroyed fences, remove all concrete and artifical stone. Enjoy a nice huge garden.

  • Finish turf level higher than patio level
  • Exterior timber step installation
  • Garden landscaping
  • Grassing
Gardening example4: New patio + grassing SE4

Project main result: to win back the neglected garden space

After the house loft conversion and interior renovation jobs, in the past 2-3 years did not have time to keep nice garden. The time has arrived……

  • Killing undeveloped undergrowth
  • Landscapint and preparing a new spacious patio
  • Pavement installation
  • Partly changing soil
  • Grassing
Building a new insulated (mould and damp proof, dry) shed

The customers need a dry store for clothes and quite sensitive staffs in the garden. We guarrantee a nice, dry shed to keep all items safety.

  • concrete foundation + slab
  • timber frame structure
  • double layer of closed cell foam insulatation under the floor
  • mineral wool insulated roof and walls
  • black rubber waterproofing coat on the roof
  • exterior treated timber cladding
  • interior plasterboard intsallation

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