Building refurbishment

Why eco building refurbishment?

Efficient technologies customised to our clients’ needs:

Our company prides itself in paying attention to every little detail in building refurbishment, so that the result would not only be a nice, but a modern, energy efficient home as well. Such a modernisation does not have to cost more than a regular refurbishment, if our top priority is energy-efficiency throughout the planning process. This way you turn your refurbishment costs into investment and within a year you could save the price of a vacation on the reduced operational costs.

Main steps in building refurbishment:
  • Initial assessment of customer’s needs, full inspection of the property (heating and ventilation systems, structure, doors, windows, etc.) energy survey. Calculating energy consumption after renovation and preparing quotation for building refurbishment.
  • In the absence of damp proof walls we carry out emulsion-injection in order to prevent water and soil vapour penetrating the structure.
  • Applying closed-cell foam on walls, joists and even on the existing thermal insulation and damp proofing the roof.
  • In some cases the conventional techniques can also be used effectively: bitumen felt or polystyrene board insulation.
  • Upgrading heating systems by installing condensing boilers, heat recovery ventilation, heat pumps and internal surface heating.
  • Once structural and mechanical upgrades are completed, we will carry out all the finishing touches on your home (bathroom and kitchen  remodeling, tiling, painting, flooring, electricity network upgrade, etc.).

Needs assessment, energy survey, and quotation:

Your living conditions and the value of your property could significantly be improved by investing in energy efficient technologies. Whether you are selling your property, have just purchased one, or it is simply due for a renovation, it is worth considering a long-term profitable investment. Increasing the value in a way that you could feel every day. Getting rid of mould and the uncomfortable feeling of cold walls, unwarmed, draughty rooms and bad atmosphere… own a pleasant home!

In case of advanced insulation we provide energy survey if requested, hence changes become foreseeable. You will be able to see the difference in the energy classification of your property, the value increases and your heating costs will decrease.

We provide a written quotation both for minor and complex insulation works. We use thermal imaging before and after renovation.

Bathroom remodeling
  • Disposal of existing bathroom appliances
  • Disposal of tiling
  • Upgrading ventilation system, focusing on dehumidification
  • Installation of new appliances, replacing water and waste pipes
  • Plaster boarding; covering, boxing pipes
  • Applying water resistant paint around tub, shower and faucet
  • Installing new luminaires
  • Fitting/installing built-in furniture
  • Floor and wall tiling
  • As a result: guaranteed mould-free ceiling

To have a complete picture about the importance of eco-conscious building solutions, please go to our News page. If you have any questions or want to contact us, leave your contact details and notes here.