Modern heating systems – welcome to the 21st century

Gas condensing boilers:

One of the most important part of economical heating systems is the boiler. It is the heart of the system. It is the most well-known and used appliance of building-engineering. Its high-efficiency, reliability and economical values explain its popularity. Nowadays, the cost of this appliance also helps its wide spreading. You can find more info about condensing boilers here

heating systems

Watch this detailed video below from one of the market leading manufacturers about numerous elements of their complex heating system that can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Air source heat pumps:
Due to its more sophisticated technology, it can be operated even more economically than gas condensing boilers, with an even higher efficiency rate. These peerless appliances (definitely part of the modern heating system which advice by Ecopropi) are able to heat the house by extracting the energy of the outside air, even when the outside temperature is substantially lower, than the temperature in the house.


Surface heating systems :

Modern boilers and heat pumps are operating economically if they are producing low-temperature water (approximately 30-40 degrees Celsius). In order to warm the air with this low-temperature water, the air needs to be circulated in pipes in the walls, floor or ceiling. Underfloor heating is a well-know example of this system. Should it be not sufficient to heat the area, it shall be supplemented with wall or ceiling heating.

Main stages of installing floor heating system