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Damp proof injection1: Plastered wall injection - London SE6

In the rear section of the house corners are  mouldy, wet. Before coming the painter needed to kill completely the infection.

  • Dining room corner was completely wet and mouldy
  • Skirting board surface was rotten, painting were blistered
  • After the treatment:
    • the surface has dried out
    • The damp has locked and the interior surface prepared for painting
Damp proof injection2 : Natural brick facade injection - London E15

In the customer’s kitchen the athmosphere was likely same than in a cellar. Section of the wall was completely wet, stainy and smelly. Previous ‘skill worker’ tried to solve the problem, but the choosen solution was wrong. As you can see on the pictures, covered and insulated the wall from inside, instead of inject the wall from outside. The damp proof course was missed our from the building technology.

  •  We opened the infected section (remove clading)
  •  Wall injection from outside
  • Left open the wall to make it dry (here 2 month)
  • PUR foaming (missed it around the door frame)
  • Closing back the surface on the right way, with the right material (used pink plasterboard was completely wrong solution)
  • Protect the door frame section against mould (with corkwood)
Damp proof injection3: Basement exterior walls injection - London SE20

Regarding the Client enquiry:

  • mould-free basement renovation with spec damp proof injection treatment
  • existing facade upgrading, exterior insulation (part of the energy efficient renovation)
  • change some windows
  • existing bathroom relocation (existing bathroom convert to bedroom, and wardrobe to a new bathroom)
  • fully interior redecoration (add new flooring, new internal doors)
  • Exterior walls were not protected and DPC missed
  • Damp proof injection (both sides) + tanking (black paint)
  • Main result: dry out the surface, lock the damp and prepare interior surface for decoration
  • New insulated flooring structure
  • Final flooring installation (tiling/laminate flooring)
  • Exterior facade upgrading

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