House extension – with the latest technologies

  • Have you been considering a house extension project?
  • Do you find your kitchen or dining room too small for your family’s needs?
  • Don’t you hate going through your tiny kitchen to get to your rear garden? Wouldn’t you prefer a better solution than that?
  • Would you like to have a larger living room (perhaps at the expense of the garden)?
  • Do you consider having a conservatory built, where you can relax indoors, protected from the elements, but still enjoy the sensation of being outside / on the terrace?
How to start a house extension project:

There is a specific order in completing the numerous tasks involved in a house extension project, which you are strongly advised to follow:

  1. Establish your requirements and needs (what is it you want to achieve once the works are completed). We will assist you with ideas at the initial property inspection.
  2. We enquire the local authorities regarding the current regulations about the type of extension you have in mind.
  3. We give you our opinion (recommendation for alteration if necessary).
  4. Once agreed, we will let you know ALL the details you want to know about the project. You will be kept updated till the very end of the project (how the end result will look like, deadlines, etc.)
  5. We will also give you an exact financial plan of the project, with payment schedule.

When it comes to house extension, often we have to face the fact that the building’s current layout limits our options. Stairs, walls can be in the way of our creativity. Not with Ecopropi! Our engineers will do their best to find an adequate solution that is safe and reflects your idea. Even if supporting walls will need to be moved, layout re-designed, we will aim to give you the house you want!

injection, insulation, pumps, etc logos

When designing a building or extension, we would always use the most modern insulation technologies (see spray foam insulation), the most energy efficient mechanical appliances (heat recovery ventilation system, condensing boiler, etc.). We aim to give you more than just nicely painted walls and new tiling once the job is done. We want you to have a modern, economical home that will meet all of today’s requirements. Please see the pictures of some of our previous projects from the last 10 years.

To have a complete picture about the importance of eco-conscious building solutions, please go to our News page. If you have any questions or want to contact us, leave your contact details and notes here.